Needed: New Thoughts

Well, since thoughts become things, I need some new thoughts.  WOW, the mind-set changes are astonishing in just one day. I usually try to do visualization exercises (wow, that sounds so formal and exact, as opposed to just lying there imagining cool stuff happening.) about various things…

…getting a response to my query to my preferred agent.  Oh, right…have that…
getting a reputable agent.  Oh, right…have her!
…what the phone call will be like when…Oh, right…that actually happened today.
…sending my work off to a publisher.  Er…done that, too…AND have an agent who’s going to be doing that for me as well…

Even when I drove in the car, I’d have these fantasies about what that phone conversation would be like. (Hint:  It was even better!)  What can I say–I spend a lot of time in my car.  And today, I got in and thought...that’s done.  Next?

It is an oddly jarring feeling to keep having these ages-old wish-list items drop off the list because they’ve come true.  And yeah, I gotta say I like it.

Now, reality is starting to settle in.  My agent is going to be sending some suggested revisions that will need to be dealt with.  ACK!?  Seriously??  My agent is asking about when the next book is going to be ready and how fast I write, and what we want to be telling the editor to potentially sell more than just one book.  <Quick look over my shoulder…nope, no one else around…wait…me???>  ACK!  My agent?  My books?!  My possible deadlines!??!!??

Wow.  So much for procrastination.  The best excuse in the world had been, “Well, when I get an agent, maybe I’ll…”  Ack.  Got one!


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