First Public Speaking Engagement

What fun!  The school office secretary has always been interested in the status of my writing, and the last time we spoke, I was excited to be able to tell her I had signed with an agent.  A few days later, I got an email from my daughter’s English teacher asking if I’d be willing to come in and talk to the class about being A Writer.

I was excited, though a bit nervous.  Until a day or two before Friday…when I started getting REALLY nervous.  But, it was just her 6th grade English class…and less than an hour…I’d be fine.  I arrived in the school library a bit early, and the class was already there.  So imagine my surprise when, at 2:30, the library door opened, and the 7th and 8th grade filed in as well!  Along with some teachers…  Turns out, I spoke to the entire middle school.  *Gulp*

It went really well.  I had a blast.  The kids were great, paid attention, laughed at the right spots, and asked tons of questions. Success!

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