Today, a Dream Comes True

That was my actual first thought on waking up Monday morning.  Not the usual, “Ugh…it’s Monday.” Or “Ugh…kids to school…me to work…you have to get moving…”  It seems trite, but…it’s not.  Because it’s true.  Today, I’m going to be getting a call from my number one choice for an agent.  Something I have worked towards, scrabbled for, prayed for, and, yes, dreamed of for a number of years.  (Too many years *sigh*)  It was first on my list of major Things To Do To Get Published.  Not just Get an Agent.  Get THIS Agent.  Yeah, there were contingency plans.  Second, third, fourth choices that would have been fabulous options as well.  But I don’t need those options any more.

This morning has been spent breaking out into smiles and giggles at odd times for no noticeable reasons.  Yeah, people at Starbucks were looking at me oddly.  And that just made me smile wider.

It leaves a very strange feeling to see a dream come true.  It’s been a dream.  That intrinsically means it’s not all that likely.  You set your sights high, but are happy with however high up the ladder you actually get—I’d be happy to get any agent, to have a professional in the field validate my writing abilities, and say, ‘You know what?  I think we can sell this.’  To have my dream agent say that?  Whoa.  Just…whoa.  My next thought is, okay…so…I made this happen.  What’s next?  If this came true, what can we now do together?

Today, I get my first look through the underbrush to see where that forking trail leads…and right now, it looks like that road might just be a yellow brick one…and is possibly lined with dragons and unicorns getting ready to cheer as I skip by.

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