In the Works

What I’m working on:

The Foresters (Paranormal Romantic Suspense):

Past Imperfect (Ripper & Natalie)

Recovering in the tiny apartment of the hot, soft-hearted woman who rescued him is a fine solution while “Fella” figures out why he was bleeding and abandoned in an alley, though the bigger issue might be that he is convinced he’s not actually a dog.

Accidentally bringing home an injured werewolf with amnesia is looking like the least of Asheville chef Natalie Richards’ problems as break-ins plague her restaurant and the mutilated bodies of local women start turning up in the nearby state park.

Perfect Stranger (Whip & Esme)

The growing number of dead bodies on the mountaintop near their Pack den is keeping the local shapeshifters on edge. It doesn’t help that the evidence keeps pointing the police in their direction.

Whip Forester rescues Esme Burke before she can become the next victim, but when they find themselves entangled in a magical spell, a mad doctor’s plot to clear his family’s name, and the vicious web of a serial killer with a grudge, they’ll need more than just true love to survive—especially when they discover that their mutual attraction isn’t exactly natural.

Perfectly Wild (Working title: A Walk on the Wild Side) (Brand & Rennie)

When the Foresters rescue another potential victim from a killer, they realize the troubles they thought they had stopped the previous winter are still on the rise.

Rennie Thompson doesn’t understand why she and her sister are the targets of a killer out to destroy their reclusive neighbors. Or maybe the police are right, and lone wolf Brand Forester–who seems to have set himself up as her personal champion–has a far more sinister idea in mind for Rennie than his hot kisses seem to indicate.

Perfect Storm (Working title: Keeping Delaney) (Saber & Delaney)

Perfect Fit (Blade & Kiera)

Chloe & Mace

The Agents of TLG (Romantic Suspense):

Touch of Lies (Lacy and Kav’s story)

 A contemporary Rapunzel tale of Lacy Munro, a brilliant scientist who finds herself at the center of espionage, adventure, and romance when she tries to break free of her cloistered world.  Jim Kavanaugh is the government agent tasked with deciding if Lacy is an innocent victim needing protection or a traitor to her country.  As they unravel the mystery of Lacy’s past while racing to stop the sale of her latest experiment on the international black market, Lacy and Kav finding themselves fighting an unexpected attraction.

Touch of Intrigue (Stephanie & Dylan’s story)

Stephanie Kavanaugh has had enough well-meaning meddling in her life from her brother, Jim.  Now that he’s off on his honeymoon with Lacy, Steph is ready to step up and help out Lacy’s brother when odd things start happening in his life.  And her brother’s hot partner Dylan Meade can just forget any ideas he has about tucking her someplace out of the way while he goes after the mad man seeking revenge on her brother’s new wife.

Touch of Courage (Jenna and Gray’s story)

Jenna Coltraine is highly trained government operative with a lethal reputation for handling anything that is thrown at her.  However, she discovers her exotic black-ops background isn’t much help when she finds herself unexpectedly raising a trio of children on her own.  Sheriff Gray Martin is trying to figure out if the dirty cops in the next county are trying to rig the local elections, but he’s getting distracted by the new single mom in town. She’s not looking to get involved with anyone, much less get caught up in local issues in her new home town–but then, no one’s ever accused of Jenna Coltraine of walking away from trouble if it finds her.

Touch of Fear (Lainie & Max’s story)

Lainie Martin’s plans for the day did not include getting herself kidnapped in her best friend’s place.  Now, she has to get away from the escaped killer who is dragging her into the wilderness and warn her brother, the sheriff.  When her kidnapper keeps her from dying on the mountaintop, Lainie has figure out who is trying to kill her and who is trying to save her before the “rescue party” arrives.

The Travers (Paranormal Romance)

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