Wow!  That sound you heard Saturday afternoon was probably ME!  After being mopey all day Friday because I still hadn’t heard anything from anyone—Friday the 13th is usually a good day for me, so I had dreams that I’d hear back from either my wish-list agent or the editor I had sent stuff—I went into the weekend figuring I could at least ignore the issue until bright and early Monday morning.

Saturday, around 3 p.m., I did some computer stuff, checked email, Facebook, and some blogs, and settled into the couch with the kids for a movie.  Afterwards, yes, I went back online for a minute.  And…there it was.  Or rather, they were.  TWO messages from my requested agent—replies to what I had sent her.

Hope, fear, and adrenaline surge.  “Oh, my God…oh, my God…OH, MY GOD!” was my chant for the next few minutes.  Delight—“oh my God, she responded!”, vied with paranoia, “it’s an email…not a call…its probably a reject!” both mixed with bewilderment, “wait…isn’t it Saturday?” And then I clicked on the first one.  GULP.  Oh, my God! Oh, my God! She liked it!!!!!  And she wants to talk representation on Monday.  I click on the second one, thinking “what if she sent the first one to the wrong person, and this was a “whoops, sorry—didn’t mean you.”?  It was just a duplicate of the first message.  (Have I mentioned that technology and I have a love-hate relationship?)

OMG.  That means…she liked my stuff and wants to talk to me about representation.  For Real.

So…does this count as getting the Call?  Or one of them, anyway? Or will that be Monday? When I actually talk to her on the phone.  And the chances of getting the other call just went up astronomically.  Er…or will on Monday.

On Monday, when I have to shift from “OMG, my dream agent might want me as a client” to “Hm, I believe I need to make a decision on hiring myself an agent.”  *Gak.*

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