The Reaction

Okay, once the OMGs! stopped, there was the blank-minded shakes.  The “what do I do now?”  Okay—email her back.  YES, I’ll be delighted to speak with you on Monday…  (MONDAY??  I have to wait 36 hours?!?)  Then…call someone!  Grab the cell phone and stare at it blankly.  The whole how-to-place-an-outgoing-call memory bank went blank.  Right.  People.  Names…  Call a critique partner.  No answer.  ARGH!!!!!!!  So not fair!!!!  Call another critique partner.  *whew*  Success.  Excited support.  Call my best friend.  No answer.  *snarl*  Call my sister.  She’s on another call.  *ARGH*  By the end of the day, the kids were tired of hearing “I have an agent!  Maybe.  Probably.”  Best one was when we were leaving McDonalds (okay, so celebrations are low key in my house), and my son said, “I got a Green Lantern toy!” and my daughter said, “I got an elephant Squinkie toy!” and I said, “I got an agent!”  “Ah, Mom!  Still with that agent stuff?”  Heh.

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