Coming soon! PERFECT STRANGER Book 2 of The Foresters

Perfect Stranger CoverI’m excited to announce that Perfect Stranger, Book 2 of The Foresters series, will be available shortly.

You met Whip Forester and got a glimpse of Esme Burke in Past Imperfect. When their lives intersect, things get even more bizarre for the Forester Pack. The Pack had been tracking a killer—but now they’re wondering if they are facing more than one enemy.

Esme Burke’s carefully organized life turns upside down when she becomes the latest victim of a brutal serial killer. Staked out on a mountaintop with no family or friends to even realize she’s missing, Esme is convinced she’s about to die—until a gorgeous stranger appears out of nowhere.

The growing number of bodies on the mountaintop has the local shapeshifter Pack on edge. It doesn’t help that the evidence keeps pointing the police back to their den. Determined to stop the killer, Whip Forester finds himself saving the latest victim—and now they’re both being hunted.

Whip and Esme take refuge in each other’s arms, but when they become entangled in a magical spell, a mad doctor’s plot to clear his family’s name, and the vicious web of a murderer with a grudge, they’ll need more than just true love to survive—especially when they discover their mutual attraction isn’t exactly natural.

There’s magic and murder in the air, and time is running out for the Foresters and their allies.

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