The End of 2013

Closing in on another New Year beginning.  That sounds so much more positive than about to close out another year.

Another year where things didn’t go like the master plan.

Another year where I’m realizing I’m still not 100% on that whole master plan thing.

This year…didn’t work out how it was supposed to, on many levels. And it took a while for me to wrap my head around that, which didn’t help things. Now, the way I have been raised is one does not air issues in public. Blogging about it counts as public.

So…rather than stressing out or giving up or (ack) whining about things, I do what is expected: Figure out how to set things up for next year, and, as Tim Gunn says, Make It Work.

I need to focus on the important things—come up with a new schedule, follow the new schedule, and do the Christmas Letter To Myself I talked about last year on the blog.

But the BIG thing I need to do is start acknowledging my successes.  I have been working on a series, not just one book—and I have almost 340,000 words written.  I would prefer it if my writing style was such were that meant I had three sequential, complete books ready to go—or even two.  No, what it means is I have parts of six books written…some more than others, but none ready enough to pass along to my agent.


But I’m nearly there on the first one at least.  And that’s good.  And not inconsequential.  Even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.


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