Sulking is Not the Same as Thinking

Okay, it’s not pretty, but I’m fairly sure the “holidays”–that would be the large chunk of time between Thanksgiving and MLK Day–can be chalked off to sulking.

I’d prefer saying I was pondering things.  Thinking about stuff.  Contemplating potential editorial actions.  Yeah, not so much.  In retrospect, sulking comes a whole lot closer.

It wasn’t even on one particular front–that was the insidious part.  It was everything…writing, mommy stuff, the day job, bills, holiday coordinating…everything just added up.  Not enough self-sabotage to cause a change, just to irritate the daylights out of myself.

The worst part?  It was stealth sulking.  As in no one noticed.  Including me.  Had I realized it, I hope I would have done something about it, but nope, didn’t really notice.  So, neither did anyone else.  That didn’t help matters.  FYI, sulky people hate being ignored.  But, as sulking is juvenile, ineffective, and “unbecoming”, it’s not something I’m going to be pointing out at any level.

Sulking is also not particularly useful or productive.

Now, far too much time has passed, and I need to paste a smile on my face and start to slog back into the trenches…all the trenches.  Enough is enough, it’s time to start getting things done again.


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