Washington Loves Romance

My writers group is sponsoring an online book club! From the site:

“Washington Loves Romance (WLR) is an online book club for the many readers of romance fiction in all its forms. Each month a well-established author is paired with an up-and-coming author for a read-along of one of each of their books via a Facebook page book club.

Mandi Schreiner with Smexy Books has agreed to act as our WLR Facebook book club moderator. Once a quarter, WLR will hold a get-together with the authors who participated in the online book club that quarter, the book club members, and the general public to discuss their books and all things romance. WLR will give away a swag bag from each author every month and have a big WRW member swag bag given away during the in-person meeting held each quarter.”

Washington Romance Writers (WRW) has a fantastic membership base, with loads of authors in every genre.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the monthly books as well as the monthly author pairings!  And the in-person gatherings are going to be a nice mix of local readers and authors.

If you like to read romance, check out Washington Loves Romance on Facebook:


Hope to see you online later this month!!

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