Do you ever find you get the same messages from multiple places at the same time? Sometimes they’re subtle; sometimes they’re a two-by-four applied to the side of the head. Whichever, it’s important to listen to them. Or try to figure out what the point is.

My recent message, slightly paraphrased, has been “Believe it and make it happen.” Which I firmly believe in…and yet sometimes (okay, often) forget. I got that from two different sources the same day—the kind of thing that makes you notice it: a posting from a friend on Facebook of a simple black-and-white graphic that said,

               “Believe and it will be so.”

Then I ran into a blog post that linked to this article:

It is, frankly, all another spin on the popular Law of Attraction, or the Secrets of the Universe, etc. Visualize it, believe it, and you can make it happen. No matter what. Do I believe that? Hell, yes. I have an agent—my dream agent. I have a new(ish) job that frees up time and energy for writing. I got my kids into a new, better school. Life is working like it’s supposed to at the moment. And I’m working on new visuals to focus on.

Nothing is withheld from us which we have conceived to do. Do things that have never been done. Are those words to live by, or what?

[The other ongoing message from the Universe I haven’t figured out yet…that’s the Eiffel Tower. It’s cropping up in songs, photos, webpostings…my daughter even painted a picture of it out of the blue the other day, and when I asked why, she couldn’t tell me.  (Yeah, shades of Close Encounters!) I’ll let you know when I figure that one out.]

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