My Friend’s Fabulous Cover!

It’s official!  My writing buddy Kathy Altman’s first book is coming out in July!

Cover art for The Other Soldier by Kathy Altman

The cover is FABULOUS!  The book is a great read, too. 

The Other Soldier

A hero in need of forgiveness   
Corporal Reid Macfarland has one mission: to make amends for the mistake he lives with every day. That friendly-fire incident in Afghanistan that killed a fellow soldier haunts him. Maybe if he can help the widow, he’ll find some peace.
Amends are easier said than done. Just one meeting with the independent and engaging Parker Dean makes it clear that forgiveness is a little more complicated than money or “I’m sorry.” If he really wants to help, Reid will need to stick around for a while. The more their daily lives intertwine, the more he realizes her forgiveness isn’t the only thing he needs—he needs her.
Due out from Harlequin SuperRomance in July—look for it!

One thought on “My Friend’s Fabulous Cover!

  1. Kathy Altman says:

    Rowan, thank you so much for putting the word out! 🙂 I really appreciate your excitement on my behalf. And I can’t believe it’s already July. Let me return the favor and offer MY congratulations for signing with an agent! You are going to be her favorite client! And before long I’ll be posting about YOUR debut book! 🙂

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